The Journey


The Journey is a 40’, $118K wood sculpture inspired by the double-helix and is reflective on our journey through life. Utilizing multi-layered sound, lighting, and date and time related animation, The Journey inspires to reflect and create experiences for self and community within its walkable structure. Diane H was both Software Lead and Lighting Artist for the project. As Lighting Artist, she developed and coded countless animations for the installation, and updated coding for custom light effects at later installations of the project. As Software Lead, she was responsible for breaking the larger project down into logical components, setting goals and timelines, building and directing a growing team of programmers working remotely in various parts of the country, and helping to integrate everyone’s work into a cohesive whole.

The Journey had 21 installations over its lifetime in various configurations including Burning Man 2017, multiple regional burns, Old Globe Theater during San Diego Maker Faire with lighting as adjunct to 2 of their plays, and San Diego Pride.

The most notable re-envisioning of this installation was as Youtopia’s temple, The Sacred Journey, which involved collaboration with a shrouding artist from New Zealand and updated lighting indicating humanity’s progression through evolution, birth, and spiritual enlightenment.

the journey illuminated at burning man